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Sound Baths

Sonia is a seasoned sound healer, drawing on decades of study on how music can support healing and harmony within. Sonia has immersed herself in studying both lhamo, Tibetan Opera singing, through the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts in India and has also spent time in the Amazon, learning the healing songs of the Shipibo people in Peru.


Using her voice alongside a delicate blend of crystal bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, and other ethereal instruments, Sonia facilitates a sacred space through sound to transport the body and spirit into a space of tranquility and alignment. She offers these immersive experiences internationally, inviting participants to journey within and discover the profound healing power of sound.

Past Soundbaths:

  • Desert Daze Festival in Southern California

  •  Pyramid Yoga Festival in Sarajevo, Bosnia

  •  KCRW’s Desert Nights Summer Solstice Celebration in Los Angeles,CA

  •  H Club in Los Angeles. CA

  •  The Britely in Los Angeles, CA

  •  The Aster in Los Angeles, CA

  • Los Angeles Athletics Club in Los Angeles, CA

  •  The Mindry in Malibu, CA

  •  London Fields Yoga in London, UK

  •  Third Wave Retreats at Compass Rose in Utah and Brave Earth in Costa Rica

  •  Modo Yoga in Los Angeles, CA 

  • Golden Folk Wellness in Los, Angeles, CA

  • Hot Spot Yoga in Oakland, CA +

  • ​ Private and Corporate Events

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