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Sonia Kreitzer is a multifaceted artist, blending her talents as a singer, songwriter, visual artist, and sound healer to create transformative experiences. Based in Los Angeles, she professionally records music under her moniker "Doe Paoro" and has released five full-length records.

Sonia has toured with iconic artists such as the Gipsy Kings and collaborated with artists including Peter, Bjorn & Jon, RAC, Monogem, Son Little, and Justin Vernon. Her work has earned recognition on NPR, BBC, Pitchfork, Triple J Radio, and in various films and television productions.

At the heart of Sonia's musical expression is a belief in the power of music to heal and awaken consciousness. She studied Lhamo, Tibetan Opera singing, at the Tibetan Institute for Performing Arts in Mcleod Ganj, India, which profoundly impacted her understanding of music. Sonia's journey includes touring worldwide, offering concerts and sound baths, teaching workshops in retreats and festivals, and facilitating music in ceremonial and sacred spaces.

Sonia is a long-time Vipassana meditator and has created a series of recorded guided meditations that have been featured on both Apple Music and Insight Timer. She also holds a certification as a yoga teacher. 


Drawing on her personal experience, she recognized the potency of the voice as a transformative tool for processing and alchemizing pain through creativity and expression. To share this, Sonia developed a course called "Activating the Voice." Rooted in exploring the historical depths of one's voice through embodied vocalization practices, the course empowers individuals to tap into the joy of singing and embrace authentic and brave self-expression. Sonia passionately extends her teachings to groups through online courses and also works closely with private clients, offering personalized sessions. Additionally, she leads international singing and healing retreats, creating immersive experiences for those seeking deeper connections with and through music.


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